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Relaxology Orpington

....because you deserve it
At Relaxology Orpington, I try to provide a holistic and healing safe place for you to feel cocooned from the world outside.
In a cosy room with soft, clean towels and relaxing music, I use top quality naturally based products and 100% pure essential oils with beautiful aromas.      So therefore you are assured that your time here will be a truly, luxurious experience.
My treatments are designed to restore, rebalance and revive your mind and body and I try to deliver consistently high standards of client care at all times. My aim is for you to have a luxurious and nurturing experience, offering space to relax and heal with a balance of both indulgent treats and the most up to date, holistic and traditional approaches to health and well-being, so….
…….and drift away …..
Fifteen minutes, extra to your treatment time, is allowed during your appointment so we can work together to ensure that your treatment is tailored to your individual needs. This also allows you time for changing and refreshing before you leave. Therefore as it is important to me that you have the maximum benefit from your treatment, please plan your time carefully. All treatments are completed as scheduled so arriving late will, unfortunately, result in your treatment being shortened and lessen its benefit and enjoyment for you. Please do not knock before your scheduled appointment time as I don’t have a waiting area and will be busy preparing for your appointment.

I am not making claims to cure anything…  However, I know you will love whichever treatment you choose – reflexology, aromatherapy, massage, facial, myofascial therapy – and will leave feeling so much better and less stressed as a result.    

              SO!  Enjoy your visit to my website … ….and then try the treatments!


Most people today have a stressful lifestyle and don’t have time to look after themselves properly. You may have had a busy day at work… or overdone it gardening, doing housework … or at the gym… or….. you just need to relax. 🙂

By putting aside even just an hour a month (or week!) to have such beneficial treatments as a holistic facial, an aromatherapy massage, iMFT and reflexology on a regular basis, you can soothe your soul and help yourself to restful and deep sleep.

As well as aiding relaxation, these therapies can help to relieve stress. While stress is not itself an illness, it can affect your well-being. Symptoms of stress may include:

  • headaches
  • muscle tension and pain
  • stomach problems
  • bowel or bladder problems
  • breathlessness
  • low mood
  • low self esteem
  • difficulty concentrating

NB: if you have any of the above symptoms, consult your GP to ensure these are not linked to an underlying medical condition.
Alongside conventional medical care, aromatherapy, massage and reflexology can help improve quality of life and bring comfort to people living with certain chronic conditions.

…..because you deserve it.

I have held you in the palm of my hand




 I will not forget you. I have held you in the palm of my hand. Isaiah 49:16

Why choose Relaxology in Orpington?

  • Qualified member of the Association of Reflexologists

    FHT therapist register

    FHT therapist register

  • Fully trained in all aspects of reflexology, maternity reflexology, aromatherapy, massage, myofascial release therapy, Face The World facial and Oriental facial massage
  • A compassionate therapist with a lovely treatment room
  • Proud to be national PRACTITIONER OF THE YEAR 2015/2016
  • I include lymphatic drainage massage in all reflexology treatments
  • Also included is endocrine/hormonal balance in all reflexology treatments
  • I LOVE to always be doing Continuing Professional Development 
  • Gift vouchers available

You are most welcome to pay by imageswith small administration charge and Pingit free.

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Journey around the world with this amazing award winning holistic facial delivered by your award winning practitioner!

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