Customer comments

It is always so lovely when someone who arrived maybe a bit hunched over or stressed and tired, leaves looking relaxed and happy and sometimes a bit sleepy – sometimes energised. I am really blessed to have such a wonderful job, and I love it. Here are some of the comments people have made……happy feedback!

Just being in here (treatment room) makes me feel relaxed!

I have a new back! (MFR)

I woke up and was so pleased to find you were only half way through the treatment and there was more to come. Then went back to sleep again!" (reflexology)

thanks for the treatment on Friday it was perfect!, my stomach muscles have now been normal for the last four days, here's a big thumbs up to MFR!!

I love your treatment room - it feels so cosy and safe (fan of all the treatments)

That was the nicest thing I have ever had (utter relaxology)

Thank you for the 'take home blend' - when I smell it it reminds me of being here

I haven't had my socks put on for me since I was little! (reflexology)

Wow! That was amazing and I slept really well (utter relaxology)

You are my new favourite thing! (holistic massage)

I'm 5'8" when I arrive........ and 6" 2" when I leave! (holistic massage)

I was incredibly relaxed and my skin is amazing. Thank you (face the world facial)

When I leave here I feel about 23 again! (holistic massage)

Just wanted to say I wish you could bottle what you do/ I'd have it every day as I feel SO much better and calmer tonight (reflexology)

Fabulous oils (aromatherapy)

I don't know what you did, but I was so relaxed all evening and the shoulder pain completely went (reflexology)

Relaxing, Stress Busting Treatments. I have had the pleasure of receiving Reflexology and Aromatherapy treatments from Melanie. She is a very caring, empathetic person and you feel you are in safe hands. Her treatments are just fantastic and completely geared to you as an individual. I couldn't rate more highly!

Just thought I would let you know that I think the Myofascial Release Therapy was the best treatment I have ever received.
I will obviously need further work on my shoulder/arm but the rest of me felt great and continues to do so. Certainly loosened me up.

Melanie is an extremely skilled therapist with a real healing touch and a deep knowledge of her profession. I have been visiting Melanie for reflexology to treat stress and headaches and she has made a significant difference to both conditions.
Melanie is a really friendly person and has a down to earth approach that I believe most people will find extremely refreshing. She also makes fantastic creams and a wonderful gluten-free coffee cake! (reflexology)